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Project acronym: BioSys
Project full title: Intelligent Biomaterial Systems for Cardiovascular Tissue Repair
Proposal/Contract no.: STRP 013633

Project summary

Cardiovascular diseases are the most frequent cause of mortality in Europe. Concomitant the main age of the European population will increase significantly in the next decades. To prevent the collapse of the health care system as a result of the unpayable clinic cost, new strategies have to be found. Tissue engineering is such a promising strategy to compensate the disadvantages of conventional cardiovascular prostheses. A tissue replacement, engineered from a patients own cells, which can grow and replace the defective tissue, is here the superlative answer. Therefore the objective of the BioSys project is to develop new intelligent biomaterial systems.

Starting from common polymers, a biocompatible fibre with controllable degradation will be developed. The fibre will be tested regarding degradation and biocompatibility. Required surface modifications will be carried out, focusing on the improvement of biocompatibility. Different types of 3D-textile scaffolds will be designed and produced. As example for evaluation and implementation of the new intelligent biomaterial, cardiovascular implants will be evaluated and tissue engineered.

The developed biomaterial will be the first material with controllable biodegradability and improved biocompability. A material with these properties is not yet available in Europe or in other countries. European researchers will be the first to develop and use this kind of intelligent biomaterial. BioSys demonstrates the competitiveness of European life science research. The results of the project could be transferred to other medical fields for a long term innovation. The enhancement of knowledge in the field of tissue engineering and the development of new biomaterial will be a huge contribution to increase the living quality of the population of the whole European Community, will reduce the consequential costs in the health care system and guarantee an excellent place in further market of tissue engineered products.



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